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Our Story

Our Story

D-Square Ltd is an Injection Moulding operation which is located in the Mediterranean Island of Malta, a European Union Member State situated centrally between the North of Africa and Southern Europe. This strategically located jurisdiction offers an optimally skilled, English speaking work force.

We provide services in a wide range of plastic materials, bringing more than 30 years of experience to the table.

Our founder and CEO is Alex Sciberras. Alex is a seasoned Injection Moulding Setter who makes it a point to assist his teams in setting up every injection moulding job – thus allowing him to continue to have a hands on approach within an industry that he loves, and simultaneously guarantee the best of services to his customers.

His passion for the industry started in 1987, when he joined Toly Products, a privately owned company and leading manufacturer of luxury packaging for cosmetics, fragrance and skin care products. He started off as an injection moulding operator and worked his way up to Mould Shop Helper, Machine Setter, Unit Manager and finally to take charge of all in-house moulding development and coordination with the local tool making facility and various foreign tool makers in the UK, Portugal and China. In 2002, Alex left Toly and started his first injection moulding machine operation, which he personally tended to, 24 hours a day.

Today, our company occupies 1700sq.m of factory space, with 24 injection moulding machines ranging from 25 ton to 180 ton machines and employing 30 high skilled and motivated team players. We serve a very strong and varied customer base, dealing in; the automotive industry, packaging for cosmetics, toys and electronics. D-Square is the fruit of 15 years of labour driven by Alex’s passion for Injection Moulding and the support of a small, but very dedicated group of people. Like all businesses D-Square had its ups and downs. There were times, like the 2008 recession, when we, like many others, had to hold on for dear life. Today, one can easily state that our efforts paid off. The company is in good shape and looking at the future with confidence and motivation to grow.

D-Square has consciously invested a lot of work and effort to raise its quality profile over the years, by obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 in 2013 and steadily progressing to upgrading our ISO certification to 9001:2015 by the beginning of 2017.

We pride ourselves in being a true Lean Manufacturing Practitioner. Our customers will tell you that this practice is evident in the operational layout and the way we operate. We focus on providing lean-cost, excellent quality manufacturing to our customers, giving them the option to keep manufacturing in Europe at competitive prices. To make this possible we have invested and continue to invest in state of the art, energy efficient equipment and a highly trained and motivated work force.

While keeping our focus on providing the best service possible to our customers, we are actively seeking to develop a new range of products aimed at the global markets. Our aim is to use the experience we gained throughout the years and the business relationships we established, to embark on new sustainable projects, taking our business beyond the sandy shores, and crystal clear seas that surround our sunny Islands!

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Meet the CEO

Meet The CEO

Alex Sciberras

Founder & CEO